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Atmos Air and independent laboratory EMSL tested the air quality in Staples Center’s Lexus Club, a private dining room located inside the Staples Center. AEG/Staples Center engineering wanted a baseline measurement of contaminant levels with the air handling and filter systems operating as installed, and later with Atmo sAir bi-polar ionization systems working in the same air space, using reduced outside air.
After a successful test in the Lexus Club, the Staples Center engineering team wanted to determine if Atmos Air systems generated an electrical energy savings when installed in a large arena.


The AEG Facilities engineering team ran a fluke power monitor connected to air handler #6 in a “before and after” test. Weather conditions were identical.
The “before” test was a 48-hour test with Atmos Air air purification systems installed and operating. AEG locked the outside dampers and left only pre-filters installed.
The “after” test was a 48-hour test beginning immediately after the Atmos Air air purification “before” test. Bag and pre-filters were installed and the outside air dampers were returned to normal, automatic operation.


Air quality, especially gaseous elements, VOCs and TVOC, improved significantly from baseline measurements to measurements taken with Atmos Air systems installed and outside air reduced.

• Energy Savings: 21%
• PM10 Reduction: 25%
• VOCs Reduction: 90%
• Test results for AHU-6 equated to a savings of roughly 127 kWh or about $16.51 every 48 hours.

Atmos Air is currently installed in the entire arena.
Third party testing performed by EMSL Laboratories.

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